• RT900
  • RT901
  • RT903
  • RT904


Waterproof Digital Alarm Thermometer 


Measurement Range:

-50200°C / -58392°F

-50300°C / -58572°F

Display Accuracy:

± 0.5°C between -10100°C/

± 0.9°F between 14212°F

± 1.5°C below  -10°C and between 100.1200°C/

± 2.7°F below 13.8°F and between 212.2392°F

± 2.5°C above 200°C/±4.5°F above 572°F

Ambient Temperature:

-1050°C / 14122°F

Display Size:

38 (W) x 30 (H) mm

Display Resolution:

0.1° over full range

Temp reading update:

1 second

Product Size:

66 (W) x 135 (H) x 22(D) mm

Probe Cord Length:

1.0 meter


1.5 volt, type AAA or equivalent x 2pcs